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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Xen-arm-builder changes

On 11 Aug 2014, at 10:36, Magnus Skjegstad <magnus@xxxxx> wrote:

> I have updated xen-arm-builder to support installing driver firmware on
> the disk image by adding a FIRMWARE ?= in Makefile and cloning
> linux-firmware. I have also enabled support for two wireless adapters
> and Cubieboard LEDs in the kernel. I have also set noatime,nodiratime in
> fstab to speed up disk access. 
> The firmware-change is also documented in the README.md.
> I don't know if you want to merge any of these changes back to the main
> repo? 
> https://github.com/MagnusS/xen-arm-builder/commits/master

CCing the devel list -- all of these look useful to me.  Should we also
set the 'discard' option to enable TRIM on SSDs (or would this cause 
failures if the media doesn't support trimming?)

Do send a pull request on the existing changes and I'll merge/rebuild.

Incidentally, I added a Dockerfile to xen-arm-builder in order to make
it quicker to fetch a working tree.  The limits of containers start
showing up quite fast unfortunately, since the only way to mount a
loopback device is to use Docker in 'privileged mode', which none of the
public build services do.  Still, if anyone wants to play with it, you

sudo docker.io pull avsm/xen-arm-builder
sudo docker.io run -t avsm/xen-arm-builder bash

Can't do much with it after that unless you're in a privileged local
container (if anyone gets that to work, drop a note on this thread).


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