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Re: [MirageOS-devel] xen dev summit talk slides: Branch Consistency for Xenstore

On 17 Aug 2014, at 11:36, Amir Chaudhry <amc79@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Quick comments.
> Is there supposed to be more on Slide 2.3?
> http://decks.openmirage.org/xendevsummit14#/2/3

Well there was, but I can't figure out the HTML runes to do two-column in 
reveal.js, so I just left it there as a summary of the previous points...

> On slide 4.1, you should make the "Irmin to the rescue!" bold (and/or 
> larger). I nearly missed it
> http://decks.openmirage.org/xendevsummit14#/4/1
> Slide 4.2 made me laugh :)
> Slide 5.1 - as for 4.1 above

thanks -- updated in my local copy; will push later!


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