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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Profiling Mirage on Xen

>> done, I've set OCAMLPARAM to set -g and -p to all ocamlc/ocamlopt invocation 
>> in the 4.01.0+profile switch. Feel free to modify the compiler description 
>> to fill you needs:
>> https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository/blob/master/compilers/4.01.0/4.01.0%2Bprofile/4.01.0%2Bprofile.comp
> This is really useful!  The lack of extensibility in the env var bugs me 
> quite a lot, since it's not possible to locally override the OCAMLPARAM with 
> other fields (such as -bin-annot).
> Do you think that an OPAM feature request to support a += field in env is 
> worthwhile at this late stage?  I'm thinking that this would be useful for 
> environment variables that support colon-separated delimiters (which I 
> believe OCAMLPARAM does, but I can't find any documentation for it in the 
> manual).

As pointed out by Louis this is indeed possible. The issue is that the syntax 
of OCAMLPARAM is quite weird which makes it very hard to extend (ie. you can 
only extend on the right or the left if the variable is already defined, 
otherwise you have to put a '_' char somewhere).


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