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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Xen access to the GPU

>> Xen domu can be configured to have direct GPU passthrough and  
> Are you referring to xen pci passthrough ?  

No GPU passthrough (that's a new feature of Xen apparently). Note: I know 
nothing about that, just read it on some blogs few months ago.

> If that's the case who provides the driver ? and the OpenCL or CUDA library 
> (spoc needs that) ? Or the OpenGL library ?

For normal GPU, I think you will have to write your own drivers (or manage to 
link them with mini-OS where you don't have the libc). But I'm don't know how 
this work exactly.

But hopefully, vGPU will provide more portable front-end drivers that we can 
use in mini-os, but I have no idea how far we are from that. Dave or Jon (or 
someone else at Citrix), any input?


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