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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Tracing and profiling blog post

On 31 Oct 2014, at 10:07, Thomas Leonard <talex5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> sounds confusing!
>> heh-- having dynamic control of tracing was something we discussed with 
>> magpie but never implemented. the idea would've been something like a 
>> datacenter operator could notice an issue, and then "turn up" the tracing to 
>> get more detailed models, to the point where they could diagnose the 
>> problems.
>> but as i said, we never actually did that. (though ETW does allow dynamic 
>> control over tracing levels from a command line tool.)
> I think we should keep it simple for now. A little bit of tracing goes
> a long way and Mirage makes it easy to add extra rules or tracing by
> pinning components.
> The important thing, I think, is that the default traces provide
> enough information that you can see roughly what's happening (not just
> thousands of anonymous lines). Then people can add extra output as
> needed. If something turns out to be generally useful (e.g. keeping a
> counter of active grant refs or recording the keys for XenStore
> lookups) then we can merge them in.


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