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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Irmin roadmap

Le vendredi, 21 novembre 2014 Ã 17:18, Thomas Gazagnaire a Ãcrit :
> - All the operations in a store now take a **mandatory** `origin` argument, 
> even the read operation [2] (before, only the merge operations where 
> requiring it).

Naive, uninformed question. I read getting a store handle is cheap and can be 
used multiple time, wouldn't it make sense to ask the origin on handle creation 
and store it there ? That would avoid having to pass it along to each of the 
functions. Suppose I want to work with two origins, with the current scheme I 
need to work with three values. With the origin bundled in the store, I need to 
work only with two values.  

Note this should only be done if exactly *all* functions always take 
handle+origin together.  



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