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Re: [MirageOS-devel] command line arguments for unikernels

On 28 Nov 2014, at 17:08, Daniel Bünzli <daniel.buenzli@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Le vendredi, 28 novembre 2014 à 17:48, Thomas Gazagnaire a écrit :
>> ...So `assemblage --help` will display only the help for the features used 
>> in the config file. We had a quick chat with Nicolas and I think a similar 
>> solution would work well for the mirage tool as well.
> ...I really like the idea that only what is really used in the configuration 
> file gets documented in the help or parsed from the command line.

i have to say, i really don't. or at least, i suspect i would really want there 
to be some way that i could get, from the command line, documentation on the 
things that i haven't used in the configuration file but could've. 

by all means specialise the display of information to the things i've actually 
used. but please let me find out about everything without having to have a 
complete example config file to hand. i find i do this sort of thing both when 
i'm in the middle of writing config files for other tools (eg., Makefiles), and 
simply to be able to access a reference when i want to discuss things.

(and to rant on a tangential topic, one of the most supremely *stupid* things 
that GNU/FSF/Debian/whoever ever did was the half-assed attempt to move 
documentation from man pages to info files. don't make me use a separate tool 
to get at the docs, *please*.)

(apologies if i've misunderstood and (e.g.) there was always going to be a 
difference between `assemblage --help` and `man assemblage` :)



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