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[MirageOS-devel] New to Mirage


My name is Christopher. I'm a Linux admin, but I've been watching this project for sometime and I'd like to get more involved with it.

I'm not so proficient at coding and I'm looking for something small to get more experience with the code base and how things are done. I did notice the Pioneer Projects but the tasks as they stand now are a bit daunting with reflection to what I know.


If there a particular project that has some bugs that someone could point me in the direction of, that would be most appreciated. Mirage seems like such a large project with many repositories and it makes it a bit difficult to determine where I should be going.

I also got a static blog set up on a Linode instance running a Mirage unikernel. I wrote up a tutorial on how to do it. If someone wants to try it out, I'd be curious to know if I was effective at communicating how to get started with it.


Thank you
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