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[MirageOS-devel] Mirage and External Data Storage

I think I may have my own answer, but I thought I would ask anyways. Â

I would like to be able to interface the Mirage images ( either running on xen or just through unix ) to be able to contact external data storage systems ( i.e. postgresql, mysql, redis, mongodb ) so that it can some data processing. Â

I tried using sqlite3 with the bindings forÂOCaml, and it gave me an error that it can't load then extensions,Âwhich makes perfect sense. The files the library is looking don't exist inside the tiny world of the Mirage virtual machine. Â

That means that we would have to use a client library which is totally written in OCaml, no linkages to external dependencies. That severally limits the number of client libraries available, which could or could not be a bad thing. Â

Is this assumption correct? Â

I'm assuming that it would be a very difficult ( if not an impossible ) task to make the C libraries available from postgresql or sqlite into the Mirage OS. Â

Thanks again for humoring me!
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