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[MirageOS-devel] TLS on Xen status

The TLS work requires ctypes and zarith to run on Xen. I now have
ctypes building with Xen support, but zarith is more difficult.

Hannes previously got it to work here:


However, this was compiling against the local (e.g. Linux) headers,
not the Mini-OS ones. It seems to work, but it's obviously not ideal.

If we simply add the Mini-OS headers to the gcc search path, then
things actually get worse, because they're inconsistent with the
system headers. In particular, gmp probes for various header files,
finds some Linux-specific ones, and then gets upset when they don't

Ideally, Mini-OS would compile with -nostdinc and provide all the
headers it needs itself. Unfortunately, this requires adding a lot of
standard headers with information the C compiler already knows. It
seems you can't do this automatically:


I tried adding the ones that seemed to be missing. These were needed
to compile Mini-OS itself with -nostdinc:


However, to compile other programs (e.g. openlibm) requires more. For example:


(this is as far as I've got)

In short, there's a fair bit of work needed to get everything
compiling against the correct headers.

It's also not completely clear to me how to package 3rd-party
libraries such as zarith, which are unlikely to accept patches for our
xen_linkopts system (which is essentially a hack around the current
lack of cross-compilation support in opam).

We previously discussed adding opam depexts to the official package,
pointing to our own zarith-xen package for the C stubs. However, this
relies on our package providing exactly the correct versions of the C
stubs to work with the main package. Not impossible with some version
constraints, but it seems messy.

Another option is to have our own mirage-zarith package and get
everything to depend on that. But we'll be incompatible with any OCaml
library using the official version then.

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