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Re: [MirageOS-devel] TLS on Xen status

On 17 December 2014 at 14:29, Thomas Leonard <talex5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The TLS work requires ctypes and zarith to run on Xen. I now have
> ctypes building with Xen support, but zarith is more difficult.

Update gmp and zarith are now working (compiling against only the
Mini-OS headers) and can be used from Xen unikernels. You will need:

New versions of Mini-OS and Openlibm, adding some previously-missing headers:


mirage-xen, with old (conflicting) headers removed:


(not ready for merge as I need to check if there are more we can lose)

mirage-dev repository with the new zarith and gmp packages (we might
want to rename zarith to mirage-zarith or similar):

opam remote add devel https://github.com/talex5/mirage-dev.git#zarith


Updated mirage tool to fix the link order:

opam pin add mirage 'https://github.com/talex5/mirage.git#xen_linkopts'


Now we just need to get Xen support in nocrypto, but that should be
fairly straight-forward.

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