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[MirageOS-devel] opam / mirage

i'm probably missing something obvious here but i can't spot it so--

i'm trying to setup travis for `mirage-tutorial`. i thought i'd use
@samoht fine travis/opam skeleton
(https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml-travisci-skeleton). this assumes that
it's an opam package being tested, so assumes a `./opam` file and uses
`opam` to install dependencies, etc.

using `./opam` to record the dependencies and other metadata seems
appealing, but always fails because (after pinning) `opam install
mirage-tutorial` calls `make configure` calls `mirage configure` calls
`opam` -- which collides on the opam lock file.

this seems like a showstopper for doing it this way at all -- is there
an easy way to resolve this?

in particular, as an alternative, i'm tempted to write and submit a PR
to the opam travis skeleton repo to add an alternative travis script
that uses the same ubuntu setup runes, but then simply calls make
rather than relying on opam to drive the installation. comments?

Richard Mortier

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