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Re: [MirageOS-devel] opam / mirage

> i'm probably missing something obvious here but i can't spot it so--
> i'm trying to setup travis for `mirage-tutorial`. i thought i'd use
> @samoht fine travis/opam skeleton
> (https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml-travisci-skeleton). this assumes that
> it's an opam package being tested, so assumes a `./opam` file and uses
> `opam` to install dependencies, etc.
> using `./opam` to record the dependencies and other metadata seems
> appealing, but always fails because (after pinning) `opam install
> mirage-tutorial` calls `make configure` calls `mirage configure` calls
> `opam` -- which collides on the opam lock file.
> this seems like a showstopper for doing it this way at all -- is there
> an easy way to resolve this?
> in particular, as an alternative, i'm tempted to write and submit a PR
> to the opam travis skeleton repo to add an alternative travis script
> that uses the same ubuntu setup runes, but then simply calls make
> rather than relying on opam to drive the installation. comments?

In the short term, a solution would be:
- let the `build` field of your opam file empty
- add POST_INSTALL_HOOKS="make configure"

In the longer term, a better solution would be to let the mirage tool to 
generate a proper opam file on configure, and we could add a POST_PIN_HOOK to 
call `mirage configure` before pinning the package.

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