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[MirageOS-devel] performance regression tests

it has been said that regression testing, particularly performance
regression testing, is something that we should probably get better
at... :)

so-- masoud has started rebuilding the `mirage-perf` repo to provide
some simple, standard performance regression tests. the idea is to
provide a battery of tests that can be fired off against specific
versions of libraries, ultimately in tandem.

there're several TODO items already, so this is clearly a work in
progress, but if anyone's got any thoughts/suggestions already, please
pass them on either to the list, or file them as issues against the
repo at https://github.com/koleini/mirage-perf

in particular, if anyone would like to try using the current test
setup, against mirage-net-xen only at the moment, please do pass on
any feedback!


Richard Mortier

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