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[MirageOS-devel] [ANN] release of dog 0.1.0

I'd like to announce the first (very alpha) release of a new synchronisation 
tool: "dog"

To install it: `opam install dog`

The tool is built using Irmin and it demonstrate a simple distributed log 
server. Every client has a local (and partial) state of the system (a valid Git 
repository, whose active branch is the name of the client), and they 
synchronise explicitly with a server using the Irmin synchronisation protocol. 
The server listens for new clients and rebase every client branches into a 
sub-directory of the master branch. The server state is also stored in a Git 
repository, and it contains all the client history as well. So if you have:

Client A:
branch A:
- foo.txt

and Client B:
branch B:
- foo.txt

On the server you'll have:
branch A:
- foo.txt
branch B:
- foo.txt
branch master:

This is very simple but already quite useful. As usual, feedback appreciated on 

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