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[MirageOS-devel] 3 newbie question about mirage xen image on cubietruck

Hello everybody,

first of all I don't know it I'm right here in this list. If not, please
excuse me for asking here.

I'm running xen 4.4. openmirage image on Cubietruck downloaded from

   http://blobs.openmirage.org/cubietruck.tar .

All things are working fine and I'd like to say a big thank you to the
whole developer team!

This was my first step into the ARM environment. I'm switching over from
INTEL/AMD based x64 systems running debian with OpenVZ kernel.

For saving time on my first steps I downloaded and wrote the precompiled
cubietruck mirage image (see above) to SDcard only.

Having done so and got my first DomUs up and running for a while I'd
like to get my Cubietruck with mirage xen image a little bit more
comfortable. But, I don't know where I can get the required informations
(i.e. which forums, mailinglists, blogs, etc.). Well, common questions
are answered but may be my ones are to special.
So any hint from you would be greatly appreciated!

In detail I'm looking for information about:

- making the mirage image not headless, i.e. add VGA and USB keyboard
  support to it so I can login if ssh access over ethernet isn't
  possible (a little bit like using a remote insight board at boot
  stage or later).

- switch on some of the LEDs on Cubieboard related to dedicated actions

- using OpenXenManager to connect to mirage xen 4.4 on cubietruck.
  As I read OpenXenManger expects an open TCP port 80 or 443, but
  netstat -tulpn shows me xen server (dom0) isn't listening on one
  of this ports. The only ports the system is listening on are ssh
  (TCP) an few ports where avahi daemon.

Again, if I'm wrong in this list please let me know which one(s) may fit
better to my needs. Thanks for reading!



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