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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Serving each URL from a separate unikernel: an experiment

I was looking at this and got to thinking about 404s. If they're (say) links which used to be valid but no longer are, you'll presumably either get a lookup failure (if the A record has been removed) or a timeout (if the A record is present, but there's no unikernel responding on that IP anymore). Presumably you'd want a wildcard DNS entry so that, for example, definitely_going_to_elicit_a_dmca_takedown.jpg.www.somerandomidiot.com (and any other image I later realize I have to remove) CNAMEs to 404.www.somerandomidiot.com (which is configured to always respond with code 404 instead of 200), so you can at least handle the first case nicely. I see you have a facility for forwarding unknown requests to another DNS server -- maybe you already had this (or something like it) in mind?

Also, none of the unikernels expect to serve anything but their front pages, so one could probably remove the path-matching logic from dispatch.ml, and just always serve the (only) contents of the KV_RO fs. :)

I think this is really neat!


On 03/25/2015 03:04 PM, Amir Chaudhry wrote:
Hi folks,

Magnus just pushed a new blog post live, where he describes a recent 
experiment.  In it, he tries serving each webpage on his static site from a 
different unikernel. It's a fun idea and all his scripts are public if you'd 
like to try this out for yourselves!

Post: http://www.skjegstad.com/blog/2015/03/25/mirageos-vm-per-url-experiment/


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