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[MirageOS-devel] Problem when writing Twitter API library that can be used on Mirage


I am writing a better Twitter API library because it is impossible for one to use current Twitter library (https://github.com/yoshihiro503/ocamltter/) if he wants to make a Mirage unikernel.

I have two questions.

1. What exactly are the limitation for the libraries I can use when writing code? Based on what I know, I feel like I cannot use any library that is OS-dependent? For example, can I use Lwt_unix.sleep?Â

2. Since the unikernel needs to make HTTPS request, I'd like to try out OCaml-TLS. Is there any recommendation for a good example that can illustrate how to use that? What aspects should I be careful of when using it?

All questions and suggestions would be very welcomed.Â


-- Mark Li

Runhang (Mark) Li
University of California, Los Angeles
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