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Re: [MirageOS-devel] mirage/skeleton/xen/static_website failing compilation

Hi Thomas, Anil,

>Which version or mirage/mirage-skeleton/mirage-tcpip do you have? Be sure to either use all of the HEAD ones, or the one released in opal-repository (after an `opam update -u`).

opam list gives:
mirage                       2.5.0
tcpip                        2.4.3

The V1_LWT type interface changes are here:

And the only main addition was this in February for IPv6:

But normally this sort of error is because of a mismatch in functor arguments -- can you check that the generated code or manually write code is in sync?  Which versions of the tools are you using?

I've simply cloned mirage-skeleton, cd' to xen/static_website+ip, mirage configure --xen, make depend and then make.

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