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[MirageOS-devel] Random thought for an OPAM feature

One of the problems with doing a Mirage release is the sheer number of
often-interdependent packages that need releasing at once, and the
lack of a way to do so atomically. The inevitable breakage seems to
cause considerable pain if you're unlucky enough to be doing something
else at the same time (as an increasing number are likely to be, I

A similar thing came up in the call today -- how to handle
co-versioning of Mirage, its libraries, and mirage-skeleton.

A thought occurred that one way for users to deal with this relatively
straightforwardly might be to add the ability for opam to pin packages
based on a datetime. We might then announce that a release was
in-progress, and anyone who cared could pin all packages to some
"safe" time before it began. This would save determining latest
versions for pinning packages individually.


Richard Mortier

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