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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Random thought for an OPAM feature

> A thought occurred that one way for users to deal with this relatively
> straightforwardly might be to add the ability for opam to pin packages
> based on a datetime. We might then announce that a release was
> in-progress, and anyone who cared could pin all packages to some
> "safe" time before it began. This would save determining latest
> versions for pinning packages individually.

You can already do something similar:

opam pin add foo https://github.com/mirage/foo.git#SHA1

Libraries in mirage-dev are in flux and people using it should expect breakage 
-- reporting these breakages on the list or on GitHub is *very* useful to 
converge to a stable state. Once stabilised, libraries are supposed to be 
properly release and migrate (in bulk) to opam-repository. Or we can have a 
mirage-dev-dev repository to avoid this but I would rather avoid this :p

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