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[MirageOS-devel] tuntap on linux

I'm just testing out tuntap.1.3 for release on Linux, and am having some 
trouble getting it to work.  Just wanted to check if others are using it ok.  
I've done:

    $ sudo tunctl
    $ sudo ifconfig tap0 netmask up
    $ sudo ./_build/test/nonblock_read.native tap0
    read: 0
    read: 0

This results in a stream of 0 byte reads.

If I change the Lwt_unix.of_unix_file_descr in mirage-net-unix to be 
blocking:true instead of blocking:false, then it works as expected on Linux, 
and all the tap networking is ok.  Tracing through the Lwt code shows that 
blocking:false should work, but for some reason the tap device on Linux is 
always readable and so EWOULDBLOCK never happens.

Anyone else having this problem on Linux, or is it just me? I don't often use 
tap networking there, so I don't want to apply the above workaround without 
understanding it.


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