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Re: [MirageOS-devel] MirageOS on rumprun now with networking and HTTP

[resending to all cc'd parties instead of just rumpkernel list]

On 12/06/15 15:40, Thomas Leonard wrote:
I also tested mirage-skeleton/console, which worked but ran rather
fast (it's supposed to wait 1s between each print). Calling
gettimeofday showed the clock running fast for some reason.

That's because when I wrote the platform, I didn't bother writing a clock driver, and just used "rtdsc" as an approximation. It hasn't bothered me enough to do it properly (there's a bunch of other stuff in that general area that should be done better), and apparently it hasn't bothered anyone else either. To be fixed some day either when all interesting work is done or someone complains loudly enough.

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