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[MirageOS-devel] Release of mirage 2.6.0

Hi all,

I've just released a new version of Mirage (2.6.0) which support attaching 
files via a read-only tar-formatted block devices, and simplify the work to do 
to attach block devices ([1] has been updated with more details). It also 
separate more cleanly the ARP layer from the IP layer in the network stack, so 
you might need to update to unikernels if you are building STACKV4 
implementation yourself.

The full list of changes is available bellow. Thanks to all the contributors.


[1]: https://mirage.io/wiki/hello-world#BuildingaXenunikernel

-- mirage / mirage-types 2.6.0

â Better ARP support. This needs mirage-tcpip.2.6.0 (#419, by @yomimono)
  â [mirage-types] Remove V1.IPV4.input_arp
  â [mirage-types] Expose V1.ARP and V1_LWT.ARP
  â Expose a Mirage.arp combinator
â Provide noop configuration for default_time (#435, by @yomimono)
â Add Mirage.archive and Mirage.archive_of_files to support attaching files via 
a read-only tar-formatted BLOCK (#432, by @djs55)
â Add a .merlin file (#428, by @Drup)

-- mirage-tcpip 2.6.0

â ARP now handles ARP frames, not Ethernet frames with ARP payload (#164, by 
â Check length of received ethernet frame to avoid cstruct exceptions (#117, by 
â Pull arpv4 module out of ipv4. Also add unit-tests for the newly created ARP 
library (#155, by @yomimono)

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