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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Charrua release

> On 15 Oct 2015, at 09:42, Christiano F. Haesbaert <haesbaert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
> On 13 October 2015 at 13:18, Amir Chaudhry <amc79@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Christiano, it would be great to have a blog post to accompany whatever is 
>> added to mirage-skeleton.  Would you be able to do this? Iâm happy to 
>> proof-read and help out once thereâs an initial draft.
> Awesome !
> Sure thing, I'll try to have something by Saturday, sorry for the
> delay in answering.
> So the blog post would contain some introduction and a how-to ? Could
> you point me to some blog entry which is analogue to what this would
> be ? Just so that I have a clearer idea.

You might find it useful to skim over some examples from the blog:
(in reverse chronological order)

- mirage-seal - https://mirage.io/blog/mirage-seal 
- Irmin - https://mirage.io/blog/introducing-irmin
- TCP/IP stack - https://mirage.io/blog/intro-tcpip
- vchan - https://mirage.io/blog/update-on-vchan
- ctypes - https://mirage.io/blog/modular-foreign-function-bindings
- The TLS series, where each post covered different libs - start at: 

Youâll notice that some of these are more about usage and others contain much 
more background and motivation.  Itâs up to you to decide what level of depth 
you want to get to, and I think your approach of 'intro + how-to' would work 

Getting a draft by Saturday would be fantastic! I can make sure I have time to 
review on Sunday and Iâm sure others will also be happy to provide feedback.

Looking forward to it!

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