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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Logs

Le vendredi, 16 octobre 2015 Ã 13:31, Thomas Leonard a Ãcrit :
> I think the key here (as you mentioned) is splitting the collection
> library from the reporting. The collection part needs to have minimal
> dependencies so anyone writing an OCaml library will be happy to use
> it.  

Only the result compatibility package will be depended upon.

> This is the hard part, because you have to get everyone to agree
> ;-)

Well usually I do something and people use it if they wantâ I like to get 
feedback, but feedback must always be taken with a kilogram of salt. In the end 
its always fine for me if not everybody agrees.
> Log.error -> a human should be alerted (by default) that this has happened
> Log.warning -> if it's not working, check these messages first
> Log.info -> a human should see this by default if they look at the logs
> Log.debug -> this should not be shown by default

I would just like to comment on why I have that Log.show level in there (maybe 
a better name should be found, suggestions welcome). There are (cli) programs 
whose natural duty is to have their output show progress or a kind of console 
intermingled with the log messages â e.g. opam, a build system or a test suite. 
At the time it seemed such "consoles" do actually naturally blend into the 
logging mechanism as the lowest logging level which allows to easily reuse the 
reporting/redirection/quietness control of the logging framework for that 
aswell. Still a little bit unsure whether this should be kept or not though.



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