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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Logs

Le vendredi, 23 octobre 2015 Ã 13:49, Drup a Ãcrit :
> However I have trouble understand what is the intended use case for
> tags, and in particular why they are parametrized.  

Maybe it's over engineering at work; I never used that personally for now.

There are two intended use cases:

1) If libraries share tag definitions it can be used as a, cross-source, 
cross-level, message filtering mechanism for UIs.
2) Attach typed diagnostics information to log messages (e.g. a stack trace, a 
faulty packet, etc.). If a library shares its tag definitions it allows to 
build reporters and UIs that can process this information without being limited 
by a dull and inconvenient byte representation.

> It doesn't seem to be possible to filter by tag in a programmatic way.
I guess you mean in the current default reporters, you are right. For now they 
are not even printed by them (not sure if they should opinions welcome on issue 
#2). But the Tag module does have the functions that allow you to do this if 
you write your own reporter.  



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