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[MirageOS-devel] Testing the next release of mirage

Hi all,

We are preparing the next release of the mirage tool, which will bring nice 
enhancement on configuration and runtime command-line parameters developed by 
Gabriel Radanne this summer. If you want to test it you can do:

    opam pin add functoria https://github.com/mirage/functoria.git 
    opam pin add mirage --dev

then you can test the result on the functoria branch of Drup's mirage-skeleton:

    git clone -b functoria https://github.com/Drup/mirage-skeleton.git
    cd mirage-skeleton/network
    mirage describe
    mirage configure --help # see the configuration time options
   ./mir-network --help # see the runtime options

You can play with the command-line options and see how the command-time options 
can influence the presence and default values of runtime options.

Early feedback  (good or bad :p) is much appreciated!

Thomas, on behalf on the merry MirageOS crew

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