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[MirageOS-devel] Deployment scripts / hack


It has been noticed that one of the issues with the current site
deployment process (push Travis built Xen VM images into a GitHub
repo, run cron jobs to periodically pull that repo to the deployment
machine, have a post-merge.hook that deploys when the deployment repo
is determined to have been updated) is that it does lead to rather a
lot of disk usage as the default checked out tree contains every
single VM image (.xen.bz2) ever known. In the case of mirage-www, at
least 1 GB or so of this appears to be unnecessary.

Two possible solutions (or grim hacks, whichever you prefer :)

1. `git rm` the old image and commit that, to stop old images being
checked out, and rely on them remaining in history if ever
subsequently required.

2. Execute something like

cd xen && for n in * ; do
  [ "$n" != $(cat latest) -a "$n" != "latest" ] && rm $n/*

...in the root of the repo to delete those images but to not commit
those deletions.

(Aside: Why did we decide we needed all past images in the current
checkout of the deployment repos anyway?)

Richard Mortier

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