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[MirageOS-devel] OSCON'16 submission

FWIW-- I just put the following submission into OSCON'16. Comments welcome!
(Deadline is today I believe, so may not actually change the
submission, but will certainly bear in mind as we put the presentation
together, if accepted!)

# Title

Unikernels and Docker: From Revolution to Evolution

# Description (65 words / 400 chars)

We will demonstrate integration of MirageOS and Rumprun unikernels and
the Docker container management toolchain. After introducing
unikernels, we will discuss the relationship between MirageOS
(clean-slate) and Rumprun unikernels, and Linux Containers. We will
then show how it is getting steadily easier to extend everyday
workflows and deployments with unikernel technology.

# Abstract (3-6 paragraphs, bullets welcome)

Unikernels are a growing technology movement that augment existing
virtual machine and container deployments with compact, single-purpose
appliances. Two main flavours exist: clean-slate unikernels, often
language-specific, such as MirageOS (OCaml, https://mirage.io) and
HaLVM (Haskell); and more evolutionary unikernels that leverage
existing OS technology recreated in library form, notably Rump Kernel
(http://rumpkernel.org) used to build Rumprun unikernels.

To date, these have been something of a specialist game: promising
technology, but requiring considerable effort and expertise to
actually deploy. After a brief introduction for newcomers to
unikernels, we will demonstrate the great strides that have been taken
recently to integrate unikernels with existing deployments.
Specifically, we will show various ways in which Rumprun and MirageOS
unikernels can be used to deploy a LAMP stack, all managed using the
popular Docker toolchain (`docker build ...`, `docker run ...` and the
Docker Hub).

The result is that unikernels can be used to augment and evolve
existing Linux container- and VM-based deployments one microservice at
a time. We no longer need a revolution -- Welcome to the Evolution!

# Audience takeway

Unikernels are leveraging the Docker toolchain and ecosystem to make
them easier to deploy and integrate with existing workflows. This
enables evolution of existing cloud stacks towards a unikernel
deployment, one microservice at a time.

# Pre-requisite knowledge

Awareness of virtualisation, hypervisors and container technologies
all useful, but we will introduce all necessary concepts.

Richard Mortier

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