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[MirageOS-devel] Backup Admin for GSoC needed (urgent, by February 19)

Hi folks,

I would need a back-up admin for GSoC to qualify for the 2016 GSoC, as we need 
at least two admins to qualify for GSoC. I put the application in place and we 
have started to work on updating projects. 

In the past Mirage OS got about 50% of the GSoC and Outreachy slots: from that 
perspective it would be beneficial if the back-up admin were from the Mirage OS 
project. Ideally, it would be someone who is regularly on the fortnightly 
MirageOS call. 

What's involved?
* You will need to fill out a form before the GSoC application deadline 
(personal and contact info, T-shirt size in case you want a GSoC TShirt, ...)
* You would be signed up on the org admin mailing list and receive mail from it
* You would relay information to the MirageOS mentors and/or mailing list (if I 
were ill)
* You would remind MirageOS mentors and/or GSoC students of deadlines (if I 
were ill)
* You would have the option to join mentors calls (if we need them and you want 
to join)

If you are interested, please reply privately and I will send you an invite to 
fill put the form 

Best Regards
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