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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [ANN] mirage 2.8.0 released

> On 6 Apr 2016, at 18:24, Mindy <mindy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 04/06/2016 06:23 PM, Mindy wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Mirage 2.8.0 (and the complementary tcpip 2.8.0) is now available in opam.  
>> The changeset is rather small, and would likely have been a point release if 
>> not for minor API breakage related to the STACKV4 module type.  (The only 
>> users who are likely to notice this are those who are building their own 
>> modules of type STACKV4 rather than receiving the output of the `mirage` 
>> front-end tool's generated stacks.)
>> tcpip:
>>  *  Provide an implementation for the ICMPV4 module type defined in 
>> mirage-types 2.8.0. Remove default ICMP handling from the IPv4 module, but 
>> preserve it in tcpip-stack-direct.
>>  * Explicitly require the use of an OCaml compiler >= 4.02.3 .
>>  * Explicitly depend on result.
>> mirage/mirage-types:
>>  * Define an ICMP and ICMPV4 module type. ICMPV4 is included in, and 
>> surfaced by, the STACKV4 module type. The previous default behavior of the 
>> IPv4 module with respect to ICMP is preserved by STACKV4 and the 
>> tcpip_stack_direct function provided by mirage.
>>  * Explicitly require OCaml compiler version 4.02.3 in opam files for 
>> mirage-types and mirage.
> Oh yes, I forgot to say -- this was My First Release (TM), so if you notice 
> anything broken or weird about the release itself, please let me know.

Congratulations! \o/

Amir :)

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