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[MirageOS-devel] activity of GitHub projects


since the dashboard (https://github.com/rudenoise/mirage-dashboard) is
not yet ready, I setup a GitHub account which watches a large variety of
MirageOS-related projects (starting with the TROVE; unfortunately atm
classified as a robot, thus you can't see the repositories).  Please let
me know if I missed out on any (either if you don't see changes in the
feed for a project, or hopefully GitHub will remove the robot tag from
that account).

GitHub provides an atom feed with the activity (guarded by an access
token in the URL):
might be of interest for people who don't want to watch the various

What in my opinion would be helpful for the dashboard to have
(free-form, likely in the opam file) tags for the various libraries
mentioning what topic they are on (some people might want to receive
only web, network, storage, .. related project updates).



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