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[MirageOS-devel] Building vchan unikernel

thanks to another post in this mailing list I was able to build the vchan package and experiment with the xencat application. I noticed that there is an unikernel in the /lib_test/mirage directory of the ocaml-vchan repository. However, I'm getting the following error message if I run the run.sh script:

vchan_server is an invalid domain identifier (rc=-6)
vchan_client is an invalid domain identifier (rc=-6)
Setting up a /conduit path in xenstore
+ mirage configure -f config_server.ml --xen --no-opam
  command terminated with exit code 2
stderr: ocamlfind: Package `vchan.xen' not found

I had to add the -f parameter (in build.sh) to make mirage find both configuration files. Vchan is also installed and is pointing to the directory where I cloned the vchan repository from GitHub:

opam install vchan

=-=- Synchronising pinned packages =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
[vchan] /home/tolga/Desktop/ocaml-vchan/ synchronized
[NOTE] Package vchan is already installed (current version is 2.1.0).

Did I miss to install anything else in order to build the unikernel? 

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