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[MirageOS-devel] unsigned integers


for several projects (i.e. sequence numbers) I had the need to have
fixed width unsigned integers.  Finally I managed to implement them (8,
16, 32, 64 bit), and would like to hear back from you what you think.
The crucial bit for me is that arithmetic expression expose the carry
bit explicitly (by being t -> t -> t * bool).

I don't have the plan to complete it with all possible arithmetics
operations (div, pow, ..), since I don't have use cases for these.

The type t is on purpose a public alias to (int, int, int32, int64),
thus you can use bit operations from these modules directly (and, xor,
or).  This also means that you have interoperability with e.g. cstruct.

The documentation is up at
https://hannesm.github.io/usane/doc/Usane.html , code at

The implementation uses __builtin_add/sub/mul_overflow if available
(since clang 3.4 / gcc 5.1).

Please let me know what you think,


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