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[MirageOS-devel] [PATCH v3 0/4] Significant changes to Xen Project Governance (governance.html)

I made some significant proposed changes to governance.html based on a number 
of issues that were raised in a number of surveys last year, and via other 
means, as well as in the recent discussions related to governance.html changes 
(the issue of too many committers in XAPI and XAPI being able to hijack the 
entire project).

In any case, the changes are expressed in 4 patches governance.pandoc,
which is the pandoc source for governance.html:

- Code motion changes to make real patches easier to read
  No content has been changed
  An index was added
  Fixed some minor typos and formatting issues

- Added document containing governance related todo list
  These do not affect this series and are basically a TODO list for myself
- Significant changes to decision making; some new roles; minor changes
  Introduces governance changes
  Adds some new roles
  Minor formatting changes, such as missing anchors, wrong 
  Deletes addressed open issues in comments 
  Add additional comments to raise questions or provide background info

  Note that the proposal so far seems to have broad agreement
- Addressed comments on quorum and security team members
  In particular this addresses
  which exhibits a monotonicity failure due to the way how the quorum
  was expressed. An example of this failure can be found in 
  Expressing the quorum in terms of "1/3 of +1 votes" instead of a quorum of 
  "50% of +1 or -1 votes" avoids the monotonicity failure without affecting 
  the voting arithmetic otherwise. The reason for this is 2/6 of +1 votes and
  1/6 of -1 votes equate to 50%. I am sure, Ian Jackson can expand if people 

The patch series is based on git://xenbits.xen.org/people/larsk/governance.git

You can see the changes in my personal git repo at 

Open Issues to be fixed (but these don't need to be reviewed)
- Fix up tables as these don't render properly as html
  Also see http://rapporter.github.io/pander/pandoc_table.html
Changes since v1
- Agreed and changed counting schemes for lazy consensus/votinh
- Added Community Decisions with Funding and Legal Implications
- Clarified AB role in last resort cases
- Removed comments where superceded by decisions we already made
- Adapted sections with dependencies

Changes since v2
- Fixed minor typographic issues
- Removed comments from the series, as these are distracting
  and make the document harder to review
- Broke out remaining comments that need addressing at some
  point into governance.todo
- Added an extra patch regarding quorum and security team

2.5.4 (Apple Git-61)

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