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Re: [MirageOS-devel] load/startup time error handling

On 01/10/2016 15:28, Richard Mortier wrote:
> Only thing that comes to mind is to clarify: in cases where one writes
> a unikernel that can use (eg) one of two devices, is there a way to
> determine which of the devices is actually available at boot, without
> triggering an error?
> (I'm thinking of the case of something like a router that supports N
> ports where N isn't known until runtime.)
> Having said that, if this isn't supported at present anyway, then it
> sounds like something that might need a device interface update in
> future and so shouldn't stall your suggestion.
> (Or maybe the model is that you late bind N by rebuilding the
> unikernel once you do know what N is?)

That'd be my choice: statically know at compile time how many interfaces
the router has, also to be able to configure addresses and policies for
the interfaces.


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