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Re: [MirageOS-devel] load/startup time error handling

On 30/09/2016 17:13, Hannes Mehnert wrote:
> If nobody disagrees (and comes up with non-contrived examples), I'm
> happy to massage code into this direction within the next few days.

Thanks for the feedback, I prepared a bunch of PRs linked from
https://github.com/mirage/mirage/pull/602 .  Lots of CI failures are due
to the fact that the repository needs to pin another library, thus they
should solve themselves.  I built most of the packages (esp tcpip,
mirage-block-xen&unix) locally and run the testsuites successfully.

Of special interest might be the PR to mirage-platform and mirage-solo5,
which catch the exception from startup and emit a log message to Logs.err.

Since this is a change affecting lots of repositories, it would be great
to have this change merged rather sooner than later (mirage-dev likely
needs to be extended with some of these packages).  If anyone is up for
merging & adjusting mirage-dev, feel free to do so, I need some sleep.


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