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[MirageOS-devel] Outreachy Application Deadline Reminder (for applicants and mentors)

Dear Outreachy mentors,

if you are working with one or several Outreachy acandidates, please make sure 
you sign up to https://outreachy.gnome.org under Xen Project as a mentor. You 
may also want to remind your applicants that the proposal submission deadline 
is coming up. Note that applicants can edit the proposal through November 8th 
(aka until after the submission deadline).

That way, you can see applications coming in. If an applicant submits an 
application for your project, please add yourself as a mentor.

The deadlines coming up are:
October 17:              application deadline at 7pm UTC
October 17 - November 8: applicants are encouraged to continue making 
contributions for the project they applied for; 
                         submitted applications are open for editing

IMPORTANT NOTE:          I propose that we (the mentors) try and shortlist 
candidates by October 28th 
                         And select out final candidates by Nov the 4th 

November 8:              accepted participants announced on this page at 4pm UTC
December 6 - March 6:    internship period

Best Regards
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