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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [PATCH v3 3/4] Significant changes to decision making; some new roles and minor changes

>  Project Team Roles {#roles-local}
>  ------------------
> +Sub-projects or teams are driven by the people who volunteer for the job. 
> This 
> +functions well for most cases. This section lists the main roles which 
> projects 
> +use. This section lists the default roles, which are based on how the 
> +Hypervisor project operates. Sub-projects can deviate from the default, but 
> are 

You have twice 'This section lists' which I don't think is what you meant?

> +required to document deviations from the default and link to it from this 
> +[document](#specialisations). The only exception is that each project is 
> +required to have a project leadership team, as without it, the project will 
> not 
> +be able to function.
> +
> +The following table lists how each project uses these roles. Note that 
> +**incubation projects** have more flexibility in experimenting with roles 
> that 
> +work for them, but need to define specializations before they can **mature**.
> +
> +  --------------------- ------------ ----------------- ---------------- 
> ------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
> +  **Project**           **Mature**   **Maintainers**   **Committers**   
> **Security Team**   **Leadership Team**
> +  **Hypervisor**        YES          YES               YES              YES  
>                Committers and Release Manager, without a Project Lead
> +  **Windows Drivers**   NO           YES               YES              NO   
>                Committers, with a Project Lead
> +  **XAPI**              YES          YES               YES              NO   
>                Committers, with a Project Lead
> +  --------------------- ------------ ----------------- ---------------- 
> ------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
> +

The rest looks OK to me.

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