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[MirageOS-devel] Canopy and Liveblogging

Hi all,

I have spent a lot of time recently using Canopy for liveblogging various Mirage-related events specifically ICFP and the Docker Distributed Systems Summit.

I'd like to thank Enguerrand Decorne for his help with Canopy, Anil Madhavapeddy for his help in making it even easier to contribute to, Joel Jakubovic, Ciaran Lawlor, Mindy Preston, and Olivier Nicole for all using it during ICFP/OCaml workshop and CUFP, and also Gabriel Scherer for making everyone aware of it and encouraging its use. We collectively covered 54 talks that week, and you can see the liveblogs here: 

http://icfp2016.mirage.io/OCaml along with a summary post here:

I also made a few small changes to the mirage-canopy site to cover the Docker summit: http://canopy.mirage.io/Liveblog and wrote summaries of each talk plus Q&As. The focus of the summit was distributed systems, and much of the work featured was open-source, OCaml-related, or relevant to Mirage e.g. the TUF Framework: http://canopy.mirage.io/Liveblog/TUFDDS2016


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