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[MirageOS-devel] ARM development


I recently spent some time working through Ian Campbell's excellent
work from the recent hackathon
(https://gist.github.com/ijc25/612b8b7975e9461c3584b1402df2cb34), to
refine and automate the process somewhat. The results are at
https://github.com/mor1/arm-image-builder, now in flight as a PR to
`mirage/xen-arm-builder` in

The scripts use Docker for Mac (or, presumably, Windows :) to build an
image suitable for writing to an SD card that will boot a
Cubieboard2/Cubietruck. The image runs Alpine and scripts produced
during image creation will install Xen with Alpine as a dom0, and also
provide for production of domU VMs for both Alpine and Debian.

I'm still working on refining the process, particularly to try and
remove the final manual interventions currently required, but figured
what's there might be of use to some already. I've also got a couple
of pre-built images that I'm happy to make available but, to be nice
to our departmental web server, I'd prefer not to publicise the URLs
for -- contact me offline if you want to try them. (Or I can put them
on blobs.openmirage.org if someone -- @avsm? -- who administers that
host would like to resurrect it :)

Anyway-- comments / PRs welcome!

Richard Mortier

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