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[MirageOS-devel] Porting qcow-format to topkg

Hello everyone, I've been preparing a branch for porting qcow-format to topkg, this is what I have so far [1]. I'm getting the following error on a clean environment (using the build script from [2]), not sure what might be happening:

    - Solver failed:
    -     -Ocamlbuild knows of no rules that apply to a target named lib/qcow_s.cmx. This can happen if you ask Ocamlbuild to build a target with the wrong extension (e.g. .opt instead of .native) or if the source files live in directories that have not been specified as include directories.
    - Backtrace:
    -   - Failed to build the target lib/qcow_s.cmx

Any help on this is highly appreciated :)
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