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[MirageOS-devel] testing, testing

Hi folks,

The mirage/mirage repository tests have been giving false negatives for some time -- after a bit of cleanup work, it's my hope that this is now fixed (see https://travis-ci.org/mirage/mirage/builds/208125357). The automated tests install the `mirage` frontend tool, then build the examples in `mirage/mirage-skeleton`.

This is also true for mirage/mirage-tcpip - for proof, see ( https://travis-ci.org/mirage/mirage-tcpip/builds/208119686 ).

In addition to the usual reasons for test breakage (missing and outdated pins, package releases, bitrot, etc), I discovered that in the mirage/mirage repository, Travis was pointed at an out-of-date fork of the CI scripts (the authoritative copy of which live at https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml-ci-scripts). I'd appreciate some help in cleaning up the test ecosystem generally, as some repositories have tests but no CI, and some repositories have CI that often fails. If you're looking for ways to contribute to MirageOS, work in this area would be greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, only YOU can prevent testing fires.


Mindy Preston

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