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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [GSoC'17] Interested in contributing to MirageOS

Harshit, Mindy,

On 9 March 2017 at 13:31, Mindy <mindy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Harshit!  It's great to hear that you're interested in working on the
> project.  I'm Mindy, one of the co-administrators (with Lars Kurth) for this
> round of GSoC and Outreachy.
> Have you had any experience with OCaml or MirageOS yet?  If not, I would
> recommend having a look at Real World OCaml, a free online book on the
> programming language, which is available at https://realworldocaml.org .  We
> also have some MirageOS introductory material available at
> https://mirage.io/docs/ under the "getting started" header.  Any problems
> you find in those documents would be great first contributions - you can
> find help on contributing at https://mirage.io/wiki/contributing . :)
> On the specific projects you mention:
> The `ssh` project has recently seen a lot of work from Christiano Haesbaert
> (although it's not yet released) - you might want to check with Christiano
> on the current status.  You can also see the project at
> https://github.com/haesbaert/awa-ssh directly.

I've got the basic functionalities of the ssh transport protocol working, next
steps are implementing authentication and channels.

Help/diffs are always welcome, drop me an email if you'd like to jump in =).

> The `telnet` project got some contributions last year from Hannes Mehnert,
> who watches this list and hopefully can tell you about the current status.
> I think he can also update on the current status of `sasl`, as he's the
> maintainer of the XMPP library mentioned in the paragraph description from
> which some preliminary client code could be taken.
> The `swim` project got a bit of initial work last year, which you can see at
> https://github.com/andreas/mirage-swim , but I haven't heard much about it
> since and there haven't been any contributions lately.
> I'm not aware of any current or recent work on the tiny VM for easy load
> testing.  I'll check with the mentor to see whether that project is still
> viable.
> Thanks,
> Mindy
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