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[MirageOS-devel] [GSoC '17] Questions about Proposal Review

There appear to be two different routes for having my proposal reviewed by the Xen project: either reaching out to my mentor through a public channel (like github or this mailing list), or submitting a proposal draft through the GSoC website. Ideally I'd like to have my proposal reviewed by as many people as possible, but I don't know if this anyone's responsibility besides my mentor's. Accordingly, I have four questions:
  1. When I submit a proposal draft through the GSoC website, who reviews it?
  2. Is one channel more apporpriate for requesting review than the other?
  3. Is it appropriate to request review from community members other than my mentor? For example, are Mindy and Lars able to give feedback as GSoC coordinators for Xen?
  4. I would like to use sharelatex's (newly added!) commenting features to iterate on my proposal. Are the people who will be reading it OK using this?


David Udelson

David Udelson '18
Computer Science
Cornell University College of Engineering
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