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[MirageOS-devel] IMPORTANT INFO FOR MENTORS: Outreachy and GSoc deadlines (Outreachy March 30, GSoC April 4) + Next Steps

Hi everyone,

on the TO list: mailing lists where people have submitted queries and/or have projects and program coordinators
on the CC list: possible mentors I have seen engaging with applicants (for the Hypervisor I also added committers@)

@Mindy: could you please look at the Mirage OS section below and check whether I missed anyone. Also, can you confirm the mentor for the item marked in red below.

If I missed anyone, please reply and add them in the CC list. The lists are established by searching for GSoC, Outreachy in the mailing list archives. I would have missed mentors / applicants, which did not use these keywords.

A quick reminder that the application deadlines are coming up. Note that they are different for GSoC and Outreachy
* March 30: Application deadline for Outreachy (but applicants can edit applications submitted until April 28th and can still work on the required micro-tasks until the 28th) 
* April 3: Application deadline for GSoC. This is a hard deadline

* Please remind possible applicants of these deadlines: the application system for Outreachy is at https://outreachy.gnome.org, for GSoC at https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/get-started/
* Also we will only allow each MENTOR to mentor one applicant. If you have several, you should direct them to another project or ask them to make two submissions, such that they don't loose out. In situations where we have two people applying for the same project, we will require that you choose the best applicant.

This next step is important: we need to have mentors assigned to proposal to get them processed
* Outreachy: 
  1) Create an account on https://outreachy.gnome.org
  2) Sign up as mentor at https://outreachy.gnome.org/?q=view_projects&prg=8&a=apply&c=mentor, choose Xen Project

* GSoC: 
  1) I will invite everyone on the CC list as mentor to make things easier for you. If you know your applicant will NOT apply for GSoC, but Outreachy only, ignore the request. Otherwise accept.

Outreachy or GSoC?
This Outreachy round coincides with Google Summer of Code, and we have several candidates which may qualify for both. Please encourage any applicants you know are students to apply for GSoC. When you encourage them to apply, please let them know that GSoC stipends are now variable based on location, so they may get a lower GSoC stipend than the fixed Outreachy flat stipend of $5,500. Please make sure applicants aren't surprised by this change by pointing them to https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy#Is_Google_Summer_of_Code_right_for_you

GSoC risks
Note that we will be assigned a number of GSoC slots based on the number of applicants and mentors. We will not know until sometimes after April 4th, how many slots we will get assigned. This means that good applicants 

Too few Outreachy applicants?
I don't quite know whether we have anyone who will apply for Outreachy. Can those, who have been dealing with potential Outreachy applicants raise their hands by replying to this section!

I am aiming to set up a meeting amongst all mentors on APRIL 11 and APRIL 18 to assess the candidates. I intend to choose a 15:00 time-slot for each.
If you can't make it please scream.

* GSoC: 3
* Outreachy: 0

== Conversations on lists regarding Outreachy / GSoC ==

Mirage OS
* No Outreachy applicants : is this correct?
* GSoC: Mentor: Thomas Gazagnaire?; Applicant: David Udelson 
* GSoC: Mentor: Christiano F. Haesbaert, Applicant: Harshit Daga
* GSoC: Mentor: Rudi Grinberg and/or Nik Sultana , Applicant: Haiyu Yang 

* GSoC (or Outreachy - may not qualify; TBD), Mentor: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona & Lars Kurth, Applicant: Gayathri Menakath 

Hypervisor Team (including MiniOS)
* No Outreachy applicants : is this correct?
* GSoC: Mentor: Stefano Stabellini or Julien Grall, Applicant: Zhongze Liu
* GSoC: Mentor: Stefano Stabellini or Julien Grall, Applicant: Luca Miccio
* GSoC: Mentor: Stefano Stabellini or Julien Grall, Applicant: Methuku Karthik 
* GSoC: Mentor: Wei Liu, Applicant: Felix Schmoll (2 separate projects) 
* GSoC: Mentor: Wei Liu or Doug Goldstein (has not responded to applicant), Applicant: Saurav Sachidanand 

Best Regards

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