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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [ANN] tjr_btree 0.1.0 (initial release)

On 05/05/2017 02:56 PM, Tom Ridge wrote:
Yes it is very easy. Please see the disk_ops type in the API.

(** Disk operations: read, write, and sync *)
type 't disk_ops = {
  block_size: BLK.sz;
  read: BLK.r -> (BLK.t,'t) m;
  write: BLK.r -> BLK.t -> (unit,'t) m;
  disk_sync: unit -> (unit,'t) m;

Also the disk_to_store function, and store_to_map. So if you have a
disk_ops (or store_ops) you can get a map_ops. But really this is a
B-tree library. More work needs to be done to get an efficient KV store,
or filesystem or whatever. But yes, it is already done - I looked at the
Mirage block interface a while ago and it seems reasonable and close to
what disk_ops assumes (which isn't much).

Nice, thanks!

BTW what was confusing about the structure? Did you read the overview?


Nope, I just read your included example and went to the repository and started digging around in it; I didn't notice your "documentation" link at the bottom the README, but indeed it's there.

Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for your work and the announcement!


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