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[MirageOS-devel] next retreat October 3rd - 10th

Dear hackers,

In 7 weeks the next retreat (the 6th so far!!) will take place (October
3rd - 10th), again in Marrakesh at the Queen of the Medina.  The retreat
website is at http://retreat.mirage.io, please register soon (by sending
a mail to me).  There's still plenty of beds available, don't hesitate
to invite your friends.  Please register (via mail) before the end of
August!  We're also looking for sponsors: if you want to sponsor the
attendance fee for someone else, please let me know.

The venue in Marrakesh, as in earlier retreats, is the Queen of the
Medina (http://queenofthemedina.com/en/index.html), located in the
middle of the Medina.  We hope to fill that completely again (so we
don't have to negotiate with our guests).

As the last times, there's a small amount (both in bandwidth, and
sometimes only with huge delays) of Internet available which we'll
share, but please download huge operating system images, or whatever you
need, before going to Marrakesh.  I'll prepare a router (based on an
APU) with a MirageOS-based DHCP server, configurable DNS resolver, and
an opam mirror to reduce the required bandwidth.

happy hacking and looking forward to see you soon in person,


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