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[MirageOS-devel] how to profile a MirageOS unikernel?


we are trying to profile a MirageOS unikernel. We tried to follow the
instruction from https://mirage.io/wiki/profiling, but are not able to
compile mirage-trace-viewer (resulting in:
ocamlfind: Package `cairo2.lablgtk2' not found
W: Field 'pkg_cairo2_lablgtk2' is not set: Command
''/usr/home/hannes/.opam/4.07.1/bin/ocamlfind' query -format %d
cairo2.lablgtk2 > '/tmp/oasis-d30bf5.txt'' terminated with error code 2
E: Cannot find findlib package cairo2.lablgtk2
E: Failure("1 configuration error")

What is the origin of cairo2.lablgtk2 findlib package (the cairo2 opam
package does not seem to install it anymore). Any hints?

We are mostly interested in profiling data (e.g. a flame graph
http://www.brendangregg.com/flamegraphs.html), so the tracing may not be
the right approach anyway. Do you know any other profiling attempts of
MirageOS unikernels (sufficient for now to run them on Unix)?

Etienne presented very nice flame graphs (of dune builds) in Marrakesh,
is there a tutorial for using this with a MirageOS unikernel?


linse and hannes

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